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Founded in 2021, Transparency in Federal Government PAC is dedicated to developing a public pressure campaign to support non-partisan statutes that enforce transparent and efficient government.

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Our Campaigns

In order to facilitate the development of statutory regulations that embrace the spirit of transparency and effective government spending, the TFG PAC needs to develop partnerships at the local, state and federal level with candidates and external political movements.

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Building Support

Transparency in Federal Government PAC intends to engage the political process from the local, to the state and through the federal levels of government. Only through establishing a national movement to support statutes that limit the ability of politicians to enact opaque, inefficient and ineffective legislation, will citizens be able to prevent catastrophic government debt accrual.

Advocacy for Candidates

Candidates for all levels of government office that espouse the principles of pay as you go legislation that limits the possibility and likelihood of cronyism, graft, and deficit spending, will receive targeted support commensurate with need and available funds raised by Transparency in Federal Government PAC.

Senate Candidates

Outreach and Funding

Over 3 billion dollars was raised by political action committees in the 2018-2020 election cycle. The vast majority of this money came from small donations from engaged citizens. However, the vast majority of spending went to paid consultants and marketing, and was unlikely to have had much impact on voter turnout or voter choice. Only by more effectively targeting issues and supporting candidates will this vast citizen-based funding be of any use in protecting our future.

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